"Work Hard Play Hard"
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"Eh Farmer"
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 Originally entitled "Work Hard, Play Hard," this base hungry rap song gives homage to the ying-yang philosophy of one of Gil G's most hardcore fans, Jerry Weitzman.
Recorded at Damir's home studio in LA.


This rap/funk melody combines gritty vocals and a smooth flow for the Girls, Girls, Girls. Wether she's an 818, 310, or a 714 you gotta love the girl's of LA.


An old school high five to his Santa Cruz buddies, this back to the basics beat combines an edgy base with a pumped up desire to b-down with the biggy biggy base.


 Inspired on a long, mellow car ride through the farmlands, "eh farmer" asks the introspective questions most fail to face, Whatcha growin in your garden?
Sax - Garry Martin


A childhood melody gone wild, this 42 second base overload has a little rhyme and no reason.
Rob Radden features as the human beat box


 This heartfelt jam pleads and honors a longtime crush. Uncertain about the possibilities, the heart remains a safe haven.


Freedom and it's beautifully disguised antithesis meld together to form this sublime hit. Equally appealing to both those who get it, and those who don't.


Some beats are better left unrapped. This one's a chance to test your freestyle skills over this slow and deranged funk beat.


Motivational yet vague, "Squint to the Sky" takes you through a variety of prophetic verbs with no real conclusion. Are you guilty?